How Kristin and Kristin’s Krusade Saved My Life.

August 28th, 2010

August 19, 2010 – The following is a true story that was sent to our foundation recently. It has been added with the expressed permission of the woman who wrote it.

“I am writing today to share my story of how Kristin and the Kristin’s Krusade efforts essentially saved my life.

“I graduated top of my class at SJU, got a great job with the #1 Pharmaceutical company, had a great network of family and friends… but I ended up in an emotionally abusive relationship. I never thought anything like this could happen to me – I was too smart, too savvy, too aware. Nevertheless, there I was, in the middle of it and not even realizing it, despite friends trying to convince me otherwise.  It is so easy to make excuses for someone and to be manipulated by them and made to believe that you are the one causing the problems.  After 2 years of dating, 8 months of living together, the abuse escalated. During a fight, he held me down on the bed and said he was going to make sure that we stayed broken up this time and in extreme anger said something about slitting my throat. In that moment, Kristin flashed into my mind. I was able to break away from his grip, ran into the kitchen, and called 911. This terrified him and he ran, the cops eventually picking him up at a gas station down the street.

“I never would have had the strength in that moment, or the courage to move forward and move on with my life, if it wasn’t for Kristin. Every time I tell my story, I tell Kristin’s too. Something good did come out of her tragedy – she saved my life, and I am certain the lives of countless others.

“Since dating violence is such an emotional thing to talk about I assume there are not overwhelming numbers of girls coming forward to you, I felt it was important to share my story with others; it took me months to even tell my family about the ordeal. It is painful and shameful, but empowering at the same time.

“Dating violence happens. It happens to the people you would least expect. People need to know that their daughter, their sister, their friend could be in an abusive relationship. Abuse is not just physical; abuse that manifests emotionally and verbally is just as concerning. Almost all abusers will escalate, so it is important that people know the warnings signs. Education needs to happen in order to help people identify the warning signs and make that call, reach out for help, get out of that relationship. Kristin didn’t have that chance, but her story educated and empowered me so that I did. The more people we can reach the bigger difference we can make, the more lives we can save. Kristin is saving and will continue to save lives because she will live on forever as a part of my story and as a part of all the other lives she has touched.”

I am so glad that I am able to share my story with you, your family, the board, and others who need to hear it. And I am particularly happy to be able to be a continued example that Kristin is truly saving others  :)”

~ SJU Alumni and Kristin’s Krusader

The Kristin Mitchell Foundation thanks this heroic young woman for coming forth and telling her story. It’s only through teaching and sharing will be prevent others from suffering from dating violence.

Participants for the 5th Annual Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk, can sign up here.

4 Responses to “How Kristin and Kristin’s Krusade Saved My Life.”

  1. Katiana Says:

    We all know kristin is in a better place now but if it wasnt because what she went through i dont think any of us would feel the way we do now…we try an save our selfs from doing stupid stuff…an girls yess i may be young but i always been there for my friends an i know exaclty what kristin an other girls go through an i just thought this was a good example for us girls to understand that theres more to live then having a boyfriend…An trust me when i say we are all INDENDENT an can, may, an will stand up for ourselfs…an im sorry that the family had to go through loosing a daughter but your daughter has showed my friends to stand up for themselfes an be some one in life!! I showed my friends this page an they loved it so thanks to the kristin family an im so sorry for the lose of ur daughter…An by the way what i say is true an it comes from an 14 year old girl.!! 😉

  2. bmitchell Says:

    Thank you very much. Take good care of yourself and your friends. — Bill Mitchell

  3. Suzanne Pancrazi Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. You illustrate how easily someone can get entangled in an abusive relationship, and that it has nothing to do with how smart they are! In a way you were lucky that Kristen popped into your head in time to shake you up into action. All the best, Suzanne Pancrazi

  4. bmitchell Says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I agree. It’s good to know that Kristin’s tragedy can somehow make something better — even years later. Thank you. Bill M.

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