7th Annual “It’s Time To Talk Day” 2010

December 9th, 2010

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — The Kristin Mitchell Foundation participated in Liz Claiborne Inc’s 7th annual “It’s Time to Talk Day,” a day dedicated to ensuring that Americans speak-up about a subject that most people simply prefer not to discuss — dating violence.

On December 8th, Bill and Michele Mitchell were included on “Radio Row” talking about dating violence at Liz Claiborne headquarters in New York City.

One interviewer, who maintains his own “daddy blog,” wrote, “My next interview was with Bill & Michele Mitchell, parents of Kristin Mitchell, who was murdered by her boyfriend shortly after she graduated college in 2005.

“That these two people have the courage to talk about this subject is amazing to me. It is fantastic that they want to help prevent what happened to their daughter from happening to other daughters. For me losing a child has to be the saddest event to have to go through in one’s life. Because there are classic signs to the behaviors that cause dating violence, education is key.

“Getting the message out is key. Their daughter didn’t know that extremely controlling behavior is a classic warning sign of potential dating violence. Again, I admire the courage of these two parents, they have to think about this event all throughout their work as they try to help other young people in America. Not everyone is strong enough to make the choice they made to help save other lives. I applaud them.”

For more information visit: www.loveisnotabuse.com

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  1. Mike Roberts Says:

    Sadly, I / we – Demi’s mother and family truly understand your mission and the events that have changed your life. May God bless you and keep you

  2. bmitchell Says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. Our prayers are with you, too. – Bill Mitchell

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