KMF speaks with Mount de Sales Academy seniors.

March 16th, 2012

BALTIMORE, MD. – On March 16, 2012, Kristin Mitchell Foundation president, Bill Mitchell, spoke about dating violence before a very attentive Mount de Sales Academy senior assembly. “MDSA” is where Kristin Mitchell graduated from high school in 2001.

Mr. Mitchell’s message was clear, “If you remember nothing else from this morning, remember this: it’s all about control.” Mr. Mitchell has been an outspoken advocate about the need for education about dating violence. He handed out wallet-sized cards that display the most telling signs of impending potential dating violence in a relationship. “We didn’t know the first thing about this when Kristin was living, but we do now, and we’re getting the word out,” he said.

The estimated audience of 120 seniors was joined by faculty and administration, in the Constance and Samuel Pistorio Sports Complex.

Mr. Mitchell showed a video he created about his daughter, who was murdered in 2005 by her boyfriend only three weeks after her college graduation. He followed with a PowerPoint presentation, and spoke about her life and tragic death. The seniors had many insightful questions, which Mr. Mitchell answered candidly. Afterwards, Mount de Sales teachers and members of the administration asked if he would return to speak again, and, he said, “Yes!” Since 1852, Mount de Sales Academy has educated thousands of young women from Baltimore and beyond in a tradition of academic excellence within a vibrant Catholic community.

Bill Mitchell’s next speaking engagement about dating violence will be April 18th, at Immaculata University near Philadelphia, as the keynote speaker at their first annual “Take Back The Night” event.

17 Responses to “KMF speaks with Mount de Sales Academy seniors.”

  1. Kelly P Says:

    I really admired you’re confident, hope-filled comment on what you would say to your daugher if you knew your last words to her would in fact be your last words to her.
    “See you on the other side”

  2. Emily Zalucki Says:

    The thing that stuck with me the most is that you have to listen to your friends whether you like it or not, they usually know what’s best for you.

  3. Lindsay Manser Says:

    Thank you for coming to share your story with us, you really helped us to realize that there are some dangers out there and what to look out for. You and your family are in my prayers. Thanks again.

  4. Angela Shipley Says:

    I appreciated how much raw emotion and honesty was in this talk. I think that this talk was very needed and can apply to everyone.

  5. Jessica Auburger Says:

    Mr Mitchell,
    Thank you so much for taking the time and coming out to my school. It must have been hard for you to come back to the school Kristin graduated from. I know for me it was so powerful to hear Kristin’s story, we hear about these deaths all the time in the news but are never given the tips to help stop it before it happens to you. The fact that you are willing to talk to young girls about this only a few short years after your daughter’s death is truly inspring. Thank you so much and the entire Mount de Sales community especially the class of 2012 is praying for you and for your family.

    God bless.

  6. Taylor Beaumont Says:

    Mr. Mitchell,
    Thank you so much for coming to speak with us about your daughter. It was an eye-opening experience that taught us all about the horrible consequences that can come from being in an unhealthy relationship.

  7. Meghan Says:

    Mr. Mitchell’s talk was both inspiring and informative. He gave us invaluable information and tips for dealing with issues like dating violence and controlling boyfriends, and you could sense his genuine concern for each and every one of us. His message was extremely powerful, and I’m certain it will stick with all of us who heard it. Thank you for your time, Mr. Mitchell.

  8. Meg Thomas Says:

    Mr. Mitchell,
    Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing the story of your daughter. I really appreciated how you were very real in your talk. You said things how they were and no matter how hard they were to hear. You cause is very important and it really opens my eyes to dating violence. Thank you for coming, it meant alot.

  9. Kayley Jones Says:

    Hi Mr. Mitchell,

    Thank you so much for coming to our school. I can honestly say that I took what you said about dating voilence to heart and I feel much more confident about my ability to spot the warning signs and to avoid putting myself in a dangerous situation. Thank you again for coming to speak to us.

  10. Rosalyn Says:

    The talk was very insightful and life changing. It gave me helpful tips to avoid dating violence, and things to look out for in the future. Our prayers go out to the Mitchell family for continued support.

  11. Kayla Spaar Says:

    Mr. Mitchell,

    Thank you so much for coming to speak to us. It was such a powerful and eye-opening presentation and I am so grateful to have heard you. God bless.

  12. Julie Kearney Says:

    Thank you for coming to speak with us. It was very informative and gave us all a lot to think about as we continue on to college.

  13. Sophie Trapani Says:

    Your talk was much appreciated amongst the senior class. We will all heed your message and keep you and your family in our prayers.

  14. Sarah Says:

    Dear Mr. Matchell,
    Thank you so much for comming and talking to us! I honestly learned so much from your talk and I know that a lot of my friends have too. You gave a lot of us the courage to stand up against some of the warning signs that you taught us about! Thank you for your openess and willingness to share your story with us! You are amazing and you and your family will be in my prayers!

  15. Sarah Says:

    Mr. Mitchell,
    Thank you so much for coming back to Mount de Sales to speak with us. Your witness is inspiring and I know you impact everyone you reach out to with Kristen’s story. You and your family will remain in my prayers and those of her Mount de Sales family.

  16. Julie Says:

    Thank you for coming, I am sure it must have been a very difficult thing to do. Your daughter’s story opened my eyes to something I never really thought about. Thank you again so much and the Mount de Sales family will always be here to support your family.

  17. Bill Mitchell Says:

    Hi Mount de Sales Academy seniors,
    Thank you for your embracing the speech that was given last Friday. And thank you for the enthusiastic reaction to Kristin’s story. The subject of dating violence is only now gaining the attention it deserves. I’m very pleased that Kristin’s story is helpful to you. I’m sure the lessons learned will stay with you all of your lives.
    Trust your feelings. Be on guard so you can save your friends and family members.
    God bless every one of you, Bill Mitchell

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