KMF to Speak at Baltimore County Police Department Event

May 10th, 2012

May 10, 2012 – BALTIMORE, MD – The Domestic Violence Liaison with the Baltimore County Police Department has asked KMF President Bill Mitchell to share his daughter’s story at a specialized training session on Friday, May 18th. The presentation will take place during a two-day training course on Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence.

The audience will consist mainly of law enforcement and victim advocates. The goal is to press upon the audience the importance of teaching teens that any form of violence is unacceptable. Many of the officers will be School Resource Officers and will be strongly encouraged to conduct classes on teen dating violence.

“What makes this event so great is we’ll be speaking directly with people in law enforcement. Their careers are looking out for the innocents among us.” said Mr. Mitchell. “I’ll never forget the law enforcement people in Montgomery County, PA who treated us with such care and concern when my daughter was killed back in 2005. They were thorough in everything they handled on our case. They were accessible then, and we remain good friends today.”

“I’m also in awe of those who work as victim’s advocates. Four of our board members work directly in the domestic violence area. They face the issue head-on every day,” Mr. Mitchell said today. “I always learn something new and useful when I speak with these unselfish people who work in this field. They put all of their focus on the domestic violence issue.”

The event will take place at 8 a.m. at the police academy, which is located at the Dundalk Community College’s Building B. The address: 7200 Sollers Point Road, Baltimore, MD.

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  1. Lou Gunshol Says:

    Your good work continues…

  2. bmitchell Says:

    Thank you for your comment.

    — Bill

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