June 3, 2012 – The Seventh Anniversary.

June 1st, 2012

BALTIMORE, MD – For the Mitchell family, at the seven-year mark, it’s just as unimaginable now as it was that first June 3, 2005, when they received the word about Kristin.

“It was raining on and off that day,” said Bill Mitchell, the father of Kristin Mitchell. “That evening I received a call on my cell from a police detective. She needed to meet with me to tell me something.” The detective refused to tell Mr. Mitchell anything until they could meet in person. “So I decided to meet the police at the automatic doors of a supermarket.”

That’s when the Mitchell family received what could only be called a parent’s worst nightmare. “You could never be ready for such information. I still look at her pictures at home every day, and cannot believe this happened,” Mr. Mitchell reflected.

A Catholic Mass will be said in Kristin’s name this Sunday, June 3rd, at the same church where Kristin received her first Holy Communion – and where her funeral was held in 2005. The Mitchell family is keeping the event rather quiet this year. They feel this date is one to be recognized and, in many ways, simply endured. “We believe she’s in Heaven, and we believe we will see her again one day. But now, down here on Earth, it’s very hard to anything but sad about June 3rd.”

The Kristin Mitchell Foundation is at work to see that the kind of tragedy that happened to Kristin doesn’t happen to anyone else’s daughter or son. This year, on Saturday, November 3rd, the seventh annual Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk will be held at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.

Kristin attended SJU and graduated in 2005. She was murdered by her ex-boyfriend three weeks after her graduation.

4 Responses to “June 3, 2012 – The Seventh Anniversary.”

  1. Norma Pipkin Says:

    I will be praying with you on June 3rd. God is with you.

  2. Bill Senge Says:

    Bill, I will just say a few simple prayers. There are no adequate words to describe what we feel for you and your family. Maybe heaven’s promise will continue to offer some peace.
    Sincerely, Bill & Thania Senge

  3. bmitchell Says:

    Thank you both for your nice comments. Now we enter our 8th year. Such a tragedy and loss. — Bill M.

  4. Gloria Haller Says:

    Kristin was mentioned in a book about another senseless death. I cannot imagine your pain and loss. Positive thoughts are sent your way. I wish you peace.

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