KMF Speaks Out To Benefit Saint Mary’s County, Maryland High School Females

April 30th, 2015

LEONARDTOWN, MD‚Äď On April 9, 2015, a dating violence prevention presentation¬†for female students grades 11 and 12 was accomplished by St. Mary‚Äôs County Commission for Women. The keynote speaker was Bill Mitchell, president of the Kristin mitchell Foundation. Mr. Mitchell spoke about dating violence awareness and prevention. He¬†is the father of Kristin Mitchell, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend near Philadelphia in June 2005.

The key points of Mr. Mitchell’s¬†speech were about what happened to his daughter and the reasons why this might not have happened had she been better informed about potential dangers. Students had the opportunity to hear¬†Mr.¬†Mitchell speak about the critical¬†warning signs that could have saved his daughter.

He gave¬†examples of young women who were in harm‚Äôs way but were able to either get help or break free. He¬†said, ‚ÄúVenues like this one conducted by¬†St. Mary’s County Public Schools save lives. Someone in the audience is aware of¬†dating violence around her (or him) and just needs to know enough to do something that will help.¬†This event will be the catalyst that changes a life. Probably many¬†lives. I promise you that.”

Ms. Marta Kelsey, the President of¬†the St Mary‚Äôs County Commission for Women, states, ‚ÄúThe St. Mary‚Äôs County Commission for Women is committed to taking a visible and vocal stand against relationship violence. We want our young people armed with information that will help them recognize the signs of unhealthy relationships. This project¬†is a reflection of¬†our¬†community coming¬†together to protect our young citizens. The St. Mary‚Äôs County Commission for Women is pleased to be a part of this important effort with St. Mary‚Äôs Public Schools.‚ÄĚ

Oct-15-2The Kristin Mitchell Foundation spoke out about dating violence in St. Mary’s County in Maryland, and later in the month, at Saint Joseph’s University’s Take Back the Night event on April 14 in Philadelphia. Mr. Mitchell, said of these speeches, “These speeches are a powerful way to get the message out about this insidious dating violence issue. I am honored to be asked to do these, and I take it as a responsibility to do these the best I am able.”






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