June 3, 2015. The 10th Anniversary of Kristin Mitchell’s Tragedy.

June 2nd, 2015

ELLICOTT CITY, MD–On June 3rd, we will reflect on a brilliant life cut short by dating violence in all of its horrible fury. Ten years ago, without warning, Kristin Mitchell was brutally taken away at the hands of her ex-boyfriend in Conshohocken, PA. Today, friends and family are still moved to tears at the thought of what happened that night.

Kristin MitchellIn the days that followed, the pieces of the story pointed to a death that most likely could have been averted had Kristin and her friends known the classic red flags associated with dating violence. There is no going back.

From those harrowing days in 2005, Kristin’s legacy has strongly emerged. The foundation in Kristin’s name has taken advantage of every avenue available to get awareness and education out to young adults about the warning signs of potential unhealthy relationships. Although it is not possible to count lives saved, or disasters prevented, the foundation has received word from a significant number of young women that Kristin’s story has led them to safety.

On the anniversary of this pivitol event, Bill Mitchell, president of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation, had these words to offer: “Most of the time when I think about Kristin, I go back through hundreds of wonderful memories from her birth and the early days of learning to walk and speak. I also think about the pre-school, elementary and high school days when you could see this wonderful and talented person emerging. We had no clue that the end of college would also signal the end of everything.”

Kristin-Side-View-Only three weeks after Kristin’s graduation from Philadelphia’s Saint Joseph’s University, came Friday, June 3, 2005. At that moment she had a position lined up with General Mills in Dresher, PA, and her life was set for take off. Then it all ended.

“We thank all of those who came to our side and made the nightmare a little easier,” said Mr. Mitchell. “We know now that time does not heal all wounds. We know that some things don’t go away or get better. But we also know that helping others is the best way to help yourself. So with the help of our great board members, friends and family, we have set a course of applying what we know and trying to keep other families out of our kind of situation.”

Kristin Mitchell Foundation board members, led by Kristin’s Krusade race director, Patty Mark, will honor Kristin’s memory by working with Saint Joseph’s University to have a tree dedicated to Kristin on campus. The Mitchell family feels grateful to hear of this wonderful tribute to their daughter.

This Sunday, Kristin will be remembered during the noon Mass at the Shrine of St. Anthony Monastery near her home in Ellicott City, MD.


Kristin Mitchell and her beloved cat, Gatsby.

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