Kristin’s Krusade Segment on NBC10 in Philadelphia.

April 8th, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, PA – On April 8, 2016, NBC10 aired a segment about Kristin’s Krusade, the annual run/walk that is both a fundraiser and a means to bring education and awareness to dating violence.

Tenth Kristin’s Krusade
This year celebrates the tenth year this event has been held by the Kristin Mitchell Foundation. Saint Joseph’s University has hosted every year.

See NBC10 Segment HERE.

NBC10“We are thankful for what NBC10 put together to gain us greater visibility and participation. We especially thank Tracy Davidson and Katy Zachry for giving us this added exposure. Only through awareness can we expect to divert people from this insidious plague that is dating abuse and dating violence,” said Bill Mitchell, president of the foundation.

Kristin’s Krusade will be held on the morning of Sunday, April 10th, at Saint Joseph’s University where Kristin attended four years of college. She graduated on May 14, 2005 but was murdered by her ex-boyfriend only twenty days later. She was 21 at that time.

Kristin’s Krusade was an idea by two of Kristin’s closest college friends a year after her death. The following year they took the step of creating the Kristin Mitchell Foundation. KMF Board members include Kristin’s parents, friends, professors and domestic violence professionals.

“This run/walk has brought information to many who had no idea what dating violence was. This year we expect to break participation records. We know it’s supposed to be cold but we have loyal followers who have stood by us from the beginning,” Mr. Mitchell said.

The Kristin Mitchell Foundation is becoming a leader in speaking out about dating abuse. This year the organization has presented to high schools, colleges and private companies.

Earlier this week, Mr. Mitchell spoke before 2,100 high school 9th and 10th grade boys and girls in southern Maryland. “This is where we need to go now. We need to get with children when they are in the earliest days of dating. Dating violence can happen at any age – with any gender and within any race or religion,” he said. “This issue finds itself anywhere people have intimate relationships.”

See NBC10 Segment HERE.



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