Bill Mitchell will Speak at Lehigh University

December 8th, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Kristin Mitchell Foundation announced today that Bill Mitchell, KMF president, will be speaking at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the evening of February 21, 2017.

lehighBefore his speech he will conduct a one-hour workshop on dating violence with Dating Violence Support Advocates. He will also meet with Break The Silence Peer Educators for an hour and a half that day.

Mr. Mitchell will then be giving a speech entitled “When Dating Hurts” which tells the story of his daughter, Kristin’s, tragedy years ago. His presentation also Oct-15-2takes listeners through other examples of ill-fated relationships that are from true stories he has heard from victims of dating abuse. “What I talk about is not from reading it in books, it’s from living this,” he noted.

An important facet of this speech is when Bill reviews the Warning Signs that signal an unhealthy dating relationship. The “red flags” have been gathered from professionals in the domestic violence field and from survivors. He will review ways to safely break away from a troubled relationship. This is helpful for an abused person – or any friend or family member who knows someone who is in difficulty.

Bill Mitchell feels that speeches are the strongest way to get the most critical aspects of dating violence in front of people. “In one hour we can make many basic points that explain the prevalence of this issue and we can discuss the means to bring safe resolutions for the ones being abused,” he said. “I am always adding and tuning my speeches so they contain the best of what I have learned.”

Kristin Mitchell

Kristin Mitchell

He believes that being there in person makes the difference. “My daughter, Kristin, was a real person, and I feel that the audience feels it since we are together in that room. This is not a video on a computer screen. I am living this even now and I want audience members to know this does happen. I want them to know it can happen to someone they care about since it happens to close to one in three women during their lifetimes. It’s a staggering statistic, and it’s probably going to touch all of our lives in some manner.”

The Kristin Mitchell Foundation has made nearly 70 presentations since the organization was founded nearly ten years ago. During that time, our message has saved many young adults from the serious consequences of dating violence. It is the sincere belief of the Mitchell family that had Kristin received this kind of information, she would most-likely be alive today.









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