11th Kristin’s Krusade = Spectacular

April 10th, 2017

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The 11th Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk was held under a sunny April sky. Count them: that makes eleven consecutive years with sun. Although crisp and cool at the start of the day, the weather cooperated just fine as everything got rolling.

Kristin’s Krusade is an annual event created by the Kristin Mitchell Foundation, to remember dating violence victim, Kristin Mitchell, and to bring awareness to the dating violence issue. This Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk was race-directed by board member Patty Mark, who has been with the organization for nine years. Ms. Mark, a runner herself, has been instrumental in making certain every race comes off without a hitch.

Assisting in registration and coordination at the event were members from SJU’s REPP group, lead by Doctor Raquel Bergen, professor in SJU’s Sociology Department. REPP is a rape prevention team that helps counsel students at Saint Joseph’s who might become victims of sexual violence.

Coordination between Bryn Mawr Racing Company and Saint Joseph’s University’s staff was as seamless as always. SJU track coach, Al Pendleton, assisted in setting up the track and making certain everything was ready to go. Bill Mitchell, president of the foundation said, “Al and his team understand our needs and give us their full effort every time. Don DiJulia, SJU’s Athletic Director, never misses an event either. I have see him at every Kristin’s Krusade since our first one in 2006.”

Mr. Mitchell, added, “A week ago, we came to campus and spoke out against dating violence at The Perch. We also asked students to participate in Kristin’s Krusade because it brings great awareness to this issue. I wish more people knew about dating violence. We are always ready to speak out about it.”

A special award was given to the Alpha Phi sorority for exceptional participation over the past several years. Daniele Tierce of Alpha Phi accepted the award from Michele Mitchell, Kristin Mitchell’s mother. Alpha Phi has embraced the critical need to get the word out about dating violence and puts a special emphasis on it every year.

Congratulations to our race winners! And thanks to Philadelphia Runner for supplying great prizes for our top three winners in the womens and mens categories.

Talk show host, Loraine Ballard Morrill, and her Q102 team joined to provide great music (and great people to play it). Ms. Morrill focuses on the dating violence issue and always brings new insights to those who attend this event. Q102 was Kristin Mitchell’s favorite radio station, so there is a strong personal connection between the station and this event. See Q102 video here!

Awareness brought by Kristin’s Krusade can last a lifetime. The foundation knows of many who now know and recognize the warning signs, and can better avoid tragedy. Those who participated have a greater interest in the dating violence cause.

The funds gained from this Kristin’s Krusade will go towards grants the foundation creates to help domestic violence agencies perform hands-on activities with DV victims and potential victims.

Kristin M. Mitchell ’05 Scholarship Award. The Kristin M. Mitchell ’05 Scholarship is awarded to a  SJU student who has devoted time and resources to helping in the dating violence issue. This year’s much-deserving winner is Ms. Gabrielle Southworth. Ms. Southworth’s experience in helping others is exemplary.

The foundation wishes to thank everyone who attended for giving this cause all you’ve got. The foundation, its friends, and the Mitchell family appreciate your participation. We know the time to learn and educate others is a great investment in saving lives.The Mitchell faily feels if Kristin had known about dating vioelnce she would most likely be alive today. 

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