The Spirit of Kristin’s Krusade will live on through the Clery Center.

April 8th, 2018

This will be difficult to read for many, but the outcome of our evolution will be outstanding.

In the fall of 2017, the Board of Directors of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation voted to dissolve and grant all assets to the Clery Center. This means the cause we have dedicated our minds and hearts to since Kristin’s death in 2005, now will live on through another national nonprofit foundation. This is significant for the dating violence cause.

The Clery Center, founded thirty years ago, is a national nonprofit dedicated to helping college and university officials meet the standards of the Jeanne Clery Act. By equipping professionals with the training and resources they need to understand compliance requirements, Clery strives to make campus safety a universal reality.

The Clery Center will add a new initiative, Kristin’s Krusade, dedicated to the dating violence cause KMF embraced for over a decade. It’s true, Kristin’s Krusade, the name of our run/walks will become the title of this area of expertise within Clery. Kristin Mitchell’s memory and legacy live on.

Over the years, the Kristin Mitchell Foundation has received scores of nice notes. They represent the “wins” that come from a message so necessary to the lives of people. We will keep these with us in our hearts.

“I listened to what you said and decided to get counseling.” 

“Your daughter Kristin’s story was my inspiration not only to leave my abusive boyfriend but to start my work to help others leave their abusive relationships.”

“You gave me the courage to see what was becoming an abusive relationship. I would just like to thank you for asking us the question, ‘Is this really the best you can do in a relationship?’ This made me realize I do not deserve this kind of treatment and there will be someone else out there who treats me with the respect I deserve. I will be passing this on to all of my friends, sister, and anyone who is experiencing the trauma of dating violence.”

“Seeing Kristin’s beautiful smile, hearing her story… it’s one of the things that had helped me find the courage to say no. I don’t deserve this kind of life, I deserve so much more. My children deserve so much more. Kristin’s story helped me take that first step I needed to when I was scared to do so.”

“My mom wanted me to break up with him but I didn’t until I heard what you said. Then it became obvious what I needed to do.”  

“Life is great! I couldn’t be happier since I left that relationship.” 

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