About Us

Our Daughter, Kristin Mitchell

Kristin MitchellWeeks after the euphoria of celebrating Kristin’s graduation, we received news that no parent should have to suffer. From that day we’ve been on a path we feel we need to follow. Our guiding lights are prayer and the help and encouragement we receive from family and friends. It’s always difficult to relive what happened, but when we’re uncertain, we ask ourselves, “What would Kristin want us to do?” That question has always led to useful answers.

Kristin was a great person and a great friend. If someone needed help, she’d be there so they received what they needed and were okay. She loved to write poetry. She was introspective and questioned the meaning of life.

She had an avid interest in animals, with a special emphasis on cats and horses. She was a trained equestrian rider and wanted to get back into riding in the summer of 2005. She was also an accomplished flute player.

In college, Kristin pursued a business degree in food marketing and was hired for a position with a nationally known company. She would have started as a sales associate in July 2005.

What made her special? She cared so much about people. She would have made a great psychologist. For Kristin, and others who could suffer as she did, we give our time and talents because we feel it’s what Kristin would want us to do.

What We’re Doing Today

Known for her sweet smile and wonderful outlook on life, Kristin didn’t know warning signs that could have saved her life. The controlling behavior she consistently experienced were classic signs of potential trouble. What happened to Kristin needed to be known by others as a way to put an end to this pervasive problem.
Around the time of the first anniversary of Kristin’s death, two of her friends decided to channel their grief in a positive way. They created an event that would keep Kristin’s memory alive, celebrate her 21 years of life, and spread the word about the perils of an unhealthy dating relationship.

Inspired by a eulogy given by a Saint Joseph’s priest at Kristin’s memorial service, the event became known as “Kristin’s Krusade.” It’s a 5K run/walk that has been held annually on the campus of Saint Joseph’s University since September 2006.
The aim of Kristin’s Krusade is to bring dating violence awareness to the place Kristin once called “home” for four years.

After our inaugural event, we recognized the prevalence of dating violence, and formed the Kristin Mitchell Foundation. Our mission is to support educational efforts that raise awareness among college students about the potential dangers of unhealthy dating relationships. Besides our run/walk and all of the attention it rightfully gathers, we also have participated in fundraisers that bring awareness of dating violence to the surrounding communities.

Members of our board have told Kristin’s story on university campuses and in such venues as the National Press Club in Washington, DC. We have appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” telling what we know, and walked the halls of Congress to gain support and influence national dating violence education efforts. In Maryland, we testified before the House Ways and Means Committee to influence a vote for a teen dating violence bill. Two months later, Maryland unanimously passed a law that allows dating violence education in middle- and high schools for the first time.

How You Can Help

Our mission is to bring awareness about the tragic consequences of unhealthy dating relationships to our young women and young men. In this important effort, you can help a lot.

Knowledge is everything. Arming yourself with facts is the first step in avoiding what can happen to you or someone you care about. Our website offers many links you can follow to help you learn more. Impending dating violence is not obvious – take the time you need and learn all you can.
Sponsor Us
The Kristin Mitchell Foundation is all about getting the word out. Your support is extremely helpful when you join us at Kristin’s Krusade, our annual run/walk. The visual of so many people coming together makes an incredibly powerful statement that we’re focused on this issue and we want to stop the abuse and violence against our precious ones.

You can support our mission when you donate or sponsor us through this website. Whatever you do is appreciated because it allows us to further our mission and potentially save lives. Can there be anything more important than this?

Another way supporters are furthering dating violence education is through fundraisers. We have been very fortunate to have friends who create events that raise resources we can turn into education.

We are open to strategies and ideas that can further our mission to get the word out. Nobody wants another tragedy, and there are so many ways you can help to prevent this from happening. Please contact us to at kristinskrusade@gmail.com.