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What does the Kristin Mitchell Foundation do?

The mission of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation is to support educational efforts that raise awareness among young adults about the dangers of unhealthy dating relationships.

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Our 10th Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk. Sign up now!!!

Sign up today for our 10th Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk. It will be held Sunday, April 10, 2016 (10a.m.) at Saint Joseph’s University.



This will be our 10th annual Kristin’s Krusade event. Let’s make it our biggest!

We’re looking forward to spectacular participation from Saint Joseph’s students, faculty, friends and family. The more people who join us the more we can do to push the word out about the whole dating violence case. Last year was one of the best events we’ve ever held. We can do even better in 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.18.43 AMYou don’t need to be an athlete to participate. We actually have more walkers than runners. And we need you!

Join us at this gathering of concerned people who intend to help others by putting a stop to dating violence in our lifetime.

We have seen what great participation can do to get the word out about this issue. Kristin’s Krusade is our best way of gaining awareness for this dating violence. We need you with us.

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Sign up today and show your support. 



KMF launches new website: WhenDatingHurts.com

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – The Kristin Mitchell Foundation is aimed at taking on the issue of dating abuse. A newly-launched website is helping them to accomplish this.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 8.50.11 AM copyWhenDatinghurts.com features a direct connection to Bill Mitchell, the president of the foundation. Today, Bill is available to go to companies, colleges, high schools, and communities to speak out about the cause of his daughter’s death. “I have given over sixty speeches about ‘what happened to Kristin,’ but I always wanted to do more. Now I will be doing this,” Mr. Mitchell said this week.

zz-photo-Mr. Mitchell spoke recently at an office of Peco Energy in Berwyn, PA, before an audience of about 70 Exelon Corporation associates. “Exelon is the perfect model of what needs to happen. We are speaking with people who want dating abuse information, and then spread the word when they go back to their desks or later head home. Peco for taking on this issue and bringing awareness and education to its staff. Peco is doing it right.”

During his speeches, Mr. Mitchell addresses what happened to his daughter, Kristin, and why she probably would be alive today had she known the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. When speaking, Mr. Mitchell never gets mired down in statistics but prefers to keep audiences riveted with unexpected verbatim quotes from his daughter and others who were also in troubled relationships. His examples are real and most are recent. He is in constantly in touch with domestic violence agencies and brings the latest information to his audiences. He also hands out warning signs cards, and makes certain everyone leaves with them.

IMG_0520-X2 H copyOne listener, referring to a speech by Bill Mitchell said, “The horrific incident really hit home. My daughter just graduated from college in May. After (he was) finished, I immediately returned to my desk and called my daughter. (His) message is so powerful that the dialogue continued for the remainder of the day and for me into the night.”

Bill Mitchell feels it is his responsibility to deliver the message his daughter never received. “I have seen this work. We have been fortunate that some who have attended our speeches later circled back to tell us how they were saved by something we said. We love this feedback because it gives us even more energy to keep at this. And our new website, WhenDatinghurts.com, will help this happen to a greater degree.”







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President of Kristin Mitchell Foundation to speak next at Exelon

BERWYN, PA – On Dec. 10, 2015, as part of their Employee Giving Campaign, Exelon is providing real-life information about dating violence to its staff. Since many are unaware of the issue of dating abuse among teenagers and college-age students, they have invited the president of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation, Bill Mitchell, to come in and speak out on this critical issue. Exelon will be involving their employee group, NEW (Network of Exelon Women) in this event.

zz photoMr. Mitchell will present a personal account of the effect of dating violence on his family. Ten years ago, Mitchell’s daughter, Kristin, was murdered by her boyfriend three weeks after graduating from Saint Joseph’s University. He will speak to attendees about the warning signs and dangerous consequences of intimate partner violence.

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Bill Mitchell presenting on October 15, 205 at Cabrini College in Wayne, PA.

“The people of Exelon are taking the issue of dating violence to its associates,” said Mitchell, “The horrific reality of this kind of violence is something very few people know much about, which is strange since it is so prevalent. I commend Exelon for addressing this insidious issue. It is a subject that people figure will never enter their lives, but it is real. It can touch anyone’s life at any time. Believe me, I know.”

Bill Mitchell has been speaking out about dating violence since his daughter was killed by her boyfriend on June 3, 2005. Since then he has given presentations at colleges, high schools, the National Press Club, and on Good Morning America.

Below is the list of venues in which Mr. Mitchell has taken this issue to the public. Bill is always open to the more opportunities to tell his daughter’s story because he has seen how it can save others’ lives.

Bill Mitchell’s speaking engagements 2005 – 2015:

  • Kristin Mitchell Candlelight Vigil speeches – Saint Joseph’s University, November 2005
  • Sentencing hearing – Montgomery County Courthouse, (PA) April 2006
  • Baltimore Examiner interview – September 2006
  • House of Ruth Annual Luncheon – M&T Bank, Ravens Stadium, May 2007
  • Take Back the Night keynote speech – Saint Joseph’s University, April 2008
  • Laurel House Annual Luncheon speech – Philadelphia, November 2008
  • Take Back the Night keynote speech – Widener University, April 2009
  • Annapolis Ways & Means Committee testimony (dating violence bill HB 845) – Annapolis, March 2009
  • ABC’s Good Morning America interview – Washington, DC, June 2009
  • National Press Club speech – Washington, DC, June 2009
  • National Public Radio interview – Washington, DC, June 2009
  • Liz Claiborne video interview – Washington, DC, June 2009
  • NBC Telemundo interview – Washington, DC, June 2009
  • National Foundation of Women’s Legislators Annual Conference video speech – September 2009
  • Montgomery College speech – Montgomery, MD, November 2009
  • “It’s Time To Talk Day” national radio broadcast Liz Claiborne – December 2009
  • Annapolis Ways & Means Committee testimony (dating violence bill HB 911) – Annapolis, March 2010
  • Take Back the Night keynote speech – Saint Joseph’s University, April 2010
  • WBAL-TV Channel 11 Baltimore, MD – May 2010
  • WBFF Fox45 Baltimore, May 2010
  • WTOP Radio, May 2010
  • Speech for Phi Beta Sigma, Capitol Hill 2010, Rayburn Building – Washington, DC, – September 2010
  • House of Ruth, Press conference – October 7, 2010
  • Howard County Domestic Violence “Take Back the Night” – October 26, 2010
  • WJZ-TV Channel 13, Baltimore, MD – November 2010
  • “It’s Time To Talk Day” national radio broadcast Liz Claiborne, NYC – December 2010
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County, MD (with students) – March 2011
  • University of Maryland, Shady Grove, MD – April 2011
  • Montgomery College, Rockville, MD – April 2011
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County, MD (with police) – April 2011
  • Cabrini College DV Symposium keynote speaker, Phila, PA – October 2011
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County, MD – October 2011
  • Notre Dame Preparatory School, Towson, MD – March 2012
  • Mount de Sales Academy, Baltimore, MD – March 2012
  • Immaculata University, Phila., PA “Take Back the Night” keynote – April 2012
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County, MD (police training) – May 2012
  • St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, Alexandria, VA, – February 2013
  • St. Mary’s High School, Annapolis, MD – February 2013
  • House of Ruth, Breakfast speech for parents – May 2013
  • Notre Dame of MD Univ., Balto., MD Take Back the Night keynote – April 2014
  • “In Plain Sight” 8th Annual Domestic Violence Conference – September 2014
  • House of Ruth “Storytelling Group” – January 2015
  • Saint Joseph’s University/Enactus speech at school assembly – February 2015
  • Saint Mary’s County, MD High Schools – April 2015
  • Take Back the Night keynote speech – Saint Joseph’s University, April 2015
  • Cabrini College DV Symposium keynote speaker, Phila, PA – October 2015
  • Exelon (Network of Exelon Women), Berwyn, PA – December 2015

Kristin Mitchell

June 3, 2015. The 10th Anniversary of Kristin Mitchell’s Tragedy.

ELLICOTT CITY, MD–On June 3rd, we will reflect on a brilliant life cut short by dating violence in all of its horrible fury. Ten years ago, without warning, Kristin Mitchell was brutally taken away at the hands of her ex-boyfriend in Conshohocken, PA. Today, friends and family are still moved to tears at the thought of what happened that night.

Kristin MitchellIn the days that followed, the pieces of the story pointed to a death that most likely could have been averted had Kristin and her friends known the classic red flags associated with dating violence. There is no going back.

From those harrowing days in 2005, Kristin’s legacy has strongly emerged. The foundation in Kristin’s name has taken advantage of every avenue available to get awareness and education out to young adults about the warning signs of potential unhealthy relationships. Although it is not possible to count lives saved, or disasters prevented, the foundation has received word from a significant number of young women that Kristin’s story has led them to safety.

On the anniversary of this pivitol event, Bill Mitchell, president of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation, had these words to offer: “Most of the time when I think about Kristin, I go back through hundreds of wonderful memories from her birth and the early days of learning to walk and speak. I also think about the pre-school, elementary and high school days when you could see this wonderful and talented person emerging. We had no clue that the end of college would also signal the end of everything.”

Kristin-Side-View-Only three weeks after Kristin’s graduation from Philadelphia’s Saint Joseph’s University, came Friday, June 3, 2005. At that moment she had a position lined up with General Mills in Dresher, PA, and her life was set for take off. Then it all ended.

“We thank all of those who came to our side and made the nightmare a little easier,” said Mr. Mitchell. “We know now that time does not heal all wounds. We know that some things don’t go away or get better. But we also know that helping others is the best way to help yourself. So with the help of our great board members, friends and family, we have set a course of applying what we know and trying to keep other families out of our kind of situation.”

Kristin Mitchell Foundation board members, led by Kristin’s Krusade race director, Patty Mark, will honor Kristin’s memory by working with Saint Joseph’s University to have a tree dedicated to Kristin on campus. The Mitchell family feels grateful to hear of this wonderful tribute to their daughter.

This Sunday, Kristin will be remembered during the noon Mass at the Shrine of St. Anthony Monastery near her home in Ellicott City, MD.


Kristin Mitchell and her beloved cat, Gatsby.

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April 19, 2015. This Was An Exciting 9th Kristin’s Krusade!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Our ninth Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk came off wonderfully under a sunny April 19th sky. The enthusiasm for this event and this cause has never been greater.

zz-LOGO-1 copy 2This run/walk was the culmination of a year-long effort by the Kristin Mitchell Foundation to bring out more SJU students than any previous year.

Bill Mitchell, president of the foundation, said, “We came to the campus and spoke out against dating violence several times. We also asked the student body to participate in our event because of the way it brings great awareness to the whole issue of this form of violence.”

The Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk was directed this year by board member Patty Mark, who has been with the organization for six years. Patty joined KMF because there were so many of the best parts of her life were so similar to Kristin’s. Also helping to drive participation were members of SJU’s REPP and ENACTUS teams.

The Alpha Phi sorority attended in full force. Many are pictured in the photo below (left), which also shows Kristin Mitchell’s brother (David), father (Bill) and mother (Michele).

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 7.18.43 AMThe coordination between the Bryn Mawr Racing Company and Saint Joseph’s University’s staff was smooth because they have set up and run the race portion in years past. The SJU women’s track coaches (Kevin Quinn, Al Pendleton) helped from start to finish. “They take a personal interest in every facet of our event,” said Mr. Mitchell. “They understand our cause and give us their full attention throughout. Don DiJulia never misses our event – I have see him here at every Kristin’s Krusade since our first in 2006.”

Congratulations to our race winners! And thanks to Philadelphia Runner for supplying great prizes for our top three runners:

Women’s race winners
1st: Benedetta Marra, 2nd: Alexa Scheider, 3rd: Margot Merrill. 

Men’s race winners
1st: Andrew McCarthy, 2nd: Robert Moore, 3rd: Brian Lafferty. 

The full list of participants in our run can be found here. So that there is no confusion, if you go to this site, you will see all of our runners — and some walkers too!!! Times are displayed for all those on this list. It does not distinguish the two groups.

For three years, Q102′s talk show host, Loraine Ballard Morrill, and her team joined us to provide great music (and great people to play it). Over the years, Q102 has invited Kristin Mitchell Foundation members on air to discuss Kristin Mitchell’s tragedy, and how it might have been avoided. Q102 was Kristin’s favorite radio station.

zz-MICHELEThose who participated felt the investment of time and focus was worth it. They went home filled with greater interest in the dating violence cause.

As an awareness event, the effects of message behind Kristin’s Krusade will last a lifetime. We know many individuals who have learned the warning signs and avoided tragedy.

The funds derived from this event will go towards grants the foundation creates that help domestic violence agencies perform hands-on activities with DV victims and potential victims. There is also the Kristin M. Mitchell ’05 Scholarship that is awarded to a deserving SJU student who has devoted time and resources to helping in the dating violence issue.

The foundation wishes to thank everyone who attended for giving this cause all you’ve got. The foundation, its friends, and the Mitchell family appreciate your participation. We are certain Kristin is proud of every one of us. We know we are saving lives.



Registration Climbing for 2015 Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk. Sign Up Now!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Why wait? You can sign up now for our next Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk. It’s taking place on Sunday, April 19, 2015 (10AM) at Saint Joseph’s University.


zz-LOGO-This is our 9th annual Kristin’s Krusade event, and we’re looking forward to having great participation from Saint Joseph’s students, faculty, friends and family. You don’t need to be an athlete to participate, we have more walkers than runners. 

And we need you! 

Join us at this gathering of concerned people who intend to help others by putting a stop to dating violence in our lifetime. We have seen what education and participation can do to help, and often save lives. Kristin’s Krusade is our best way of gaining awareness for this cause, and we need you here with us.

Sign up now and show your support. KK 2010 Use


Bill Mitchell, father of slain alumna, spoke at Saint Joseph’s last evening.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The president of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation, Bill Mitchell, returned to Saint Joseph’s Cardinal Foley Center, and spoke about dating violence awareness and Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk. The turnout far exceeded all expectations with about 175 students in attendance.

MitchellMr. Mitchell is the father of Kristin Mitchell, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2005.  The key points of his speech were what happened to his daughter and the reasons why this might not have happened had she been better informed about the potential danger she was in.

Spearheaded by both the SJU Enactus and REPP students, this speaking event aligned perfectly with Saint Joseph’s iCare Week. Participants had the opportunity to hear Mr. Mitchell speak about the critical warning signs that could have saved his daughter. He also gave real examples of young women who were in harm’s way but were able to get timely help.

One section of the speech the audience found most-chilling was when he read the actual words written by the young woman who had dated his daughter’s killer just prior to his daughter, Kristin. He also read parts of a letter written by his daughter’s murderer, who is currently in a state prison.

zz-LOGO-5Bill Mitchell characterized dating violence, also known as intimate partner violence, as “a widespread epidemic of pain and suffering that leads to a lifetime of broken dreams.” He described how this kind of abuse is centered on the control the abuser maintains over the abused. Of particular note was that breaking up with a controlling person is “the most dangerous time,” and that everyone deserves a healthy relationship, safe from violence and fear.

Mr. Mitchell felt the speech was timely due the recent tragedy at nearby Millersville University. “I was honored to be asked to make these kinds of speeches. Inevitably, we later hear that something we said touched someone and made a huge difference in their life. I feel our daughter would want us to do these speeches, and we are pleased to do them.” The Kristin Mitchell Foundation’s mission is to support educational efforts that raise awareness among young adults about the dangers of unhealthy dating relationships.

zz-LOGO-5Enactus and REPP students handed out pocket-sized warning signs cards provided by the Kristin Mitchell Foundation, that explain many of the red flags of an unhealthy relationship. The cards list hotline numbers to 24-hour advice or immediate assistance.

“It does our hearts good to see such a large group come out on a night like this,” said Mr. Mitchell, “My wife and I came here tonight feeling very excited to break the silence about dating violence. The way the students embraced this message lets us know they will take this to their friends and family members, and most-likely save someone’s life. It is our daughter’s legacy that her tragedy will help others avoid another such an incident.” Mr. Mitchell encouraged students to sign up for the upcoming 9th Annual Kristin’s Krusade which is held less than two months from now on April 19th. You can sign up on this website today.

warning signs  USE