What We Do

What does the Kristin Mitchell Foundation do?

The mission of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation is to support educational efforts that raise awareness among young adults about the dangers of unhealthy dating relationships.


Registration for 2015 Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk is Open!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – You can sign up right now for our next Kristin’s Krusade 5K Run/Walk. It’s happening Sunday, April 19, 2015 (10AM) at Saint Joseph’s University. SIGN UP HERE !

zz-LOGO-This will be our 9th annual event, and we’re looking forward to having great participation from Saint Joseph’s students. We need you! 

Join Kristin Mitchell’s friends and family at this gathering of those who intend to put a stop to dating violence in our time.

KK 2010 UseThis is our greatest way of gaining awareness for the dating violence cause, and we need you here with us.

Sign up and show your support.


KMF Grant Helps to Educate Student Body of Notre Dame of Maryland University

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND –  In 2013, Notre Dame of Maryland University was awarded a grant from the Kristin Mitchell Foundation to aid their efforts to educate the student body (approximately 450 undergraduate women) about safe and healthy dating.

NDMU LOGO 3In April 2013, they began their campaign with a poster campaign called “Violence Against Women is…..” NDMU community members were asked to finish the sentence and posters were created and hung throughout campus (pictures included). One-hundred faculty, staff, administration and students participated in the campaign to empower students to make healthy decisions in regards to relationships.

z  self defense 14 4 copyDuring February 2014, the Office of Campus Ministry and Service, in collaboration with the Office of Residence life and TurnAround, Inc. planned a “Love is….” program to promote positive self-love and offer a space for open dialogue for NDMU’s upper class students.

In April 2014, NDMU held a self-defense class and demonstration for 40 students. The program’s goals were to teach students basic self-defense techniques as well as learn to own their space and voice.

z  tbtn 13 2 copyAlso in April 2014, NDMU held its 3rd Annual Take Back the Night Rally. They said they were honored to have Bill and Michele Mitchell in attendance to share their daughter’s story. Mr. Mitchell spoke before a group of students at this important event. It was followed by a candlelight vigil around the campus.

z  tbtn 13 3 copyThe Office of Campus Ministry and Service created brochures for students that outline the University’s policies, procedures and reporting guidelines in the event an incident occurred on campus. The goal was to provide students with all the necessary information and resources they needed to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Conference photo

Foundation Does Keynote at Baltimore’s Annual Domestic Violence Conference.

LUTHERVILLE, MARYLAND –  The 8th Annual Domestic Violence Conference “In Plain Sight,” sponsored by Baltimore County Department of Social Services, was held Friday, September 19th, at the North Baltimore Plaza Hotel. The all-day conference was attended by healthcare practitioners, counselors and law enforcement officials. The focus was a list of issues including sexual violence, sex trafficking, and the changing face of domestic violence.

Conference photo

The keynote speaker for the event was Bill Mitchell, president of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation. Mr. Mitchell is the father of Kristin Mitchell, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2005.  The key points of his speech covered what happened to his daughter, and the reasons why this might not have happened had she been better informed about the potential danger she was in.

The conference of over 200 participants heard Mr. Mitchell speak out for an hour about the critical warning signs that could have saved his daughter. He gave examples of young women who were in harm’s way but were able to either get help or break free.

One section of the speech the audience found most chilling was when he read the actual words written by the young woman who had dated his daughter’s killer just prior to Kristin. She wrote, “When I eventually got out, I was a shell of who I was. My parents put me in therapy, but as I said there are certain things I still haven’t gotten back. I still see the ‘flaws’ that he used to point out. I don’t think I will ever fully recover from what he did, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try my hardest every day.”

Oct-15-2Bill Mitchell described dating violence, also known as intimate partner violence, as “a widespread epidemic of pain and suffering that leads to a lifetime of broken dreams.” He also described how this kind of abuse is all about the control the abuser maintains over the abused. Of particular note was that breaking up with a controlling person is the most dangerous time. He said that everyone deserves a healthy relationship, safe from violence and fear.

Mr. Mitchell felt the speech was well-received. There were many questions at the end, and the reactions were very positive. “I am happy to do these speeches. Inevitably, we hear something later on about how something that was said touched someone and made a huge difference,” he said. “It is what I feel our daughter would want us to do, so we are pleased to do it.” The Kristin Mitchell Foundation’s mission is to support educational efforts that raise awareness among young adults about the dangers of unhealthy dating relationships.

warning signs  USEThe Kristin Mitchell Foundation handed out hundreds of pocket-sized cards that explain many of the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. The cards also list hotline numbers and websites that direct people to 24-hour advice and immediate assistance.

KMF Grants 03

Apply for Grant funding through the Kristin Mitchell Foundation

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Kristin Mitchell Foundation (KMF) provides grant funding for projects that help to raise awareness among young adults and teens about Dating Violence Prevention.

Funding proposals, submitted as an electronic application (PDF), are accepted on an on-going basis. Grant awards will be determined by the KMF Board of Directors. Proposals will be given consideration during September (for projects beginning in winter or spring semesters), and during March (for projects beginning in the summer or fall semesters).

Preference is given to projects designed to raise awareness among college-aged young adults.  However, proposals will also be considered for projects designed to reach high school students.

Proposals submitted for consideration in September must be received by August 15th.  Proposals submitted for consideration in March must be received by February 15th.

The funding application is available at this link: KMF Grant Funding Application.

Save this Funding Application to your computer – then fill it out. Also, be sure you save your application to your computer before you email it to us.

Finished forms should be emailed to the Kristin Mitchell Foundation at: kristinskrusade@gmail.com.

The Board of Directors of the Kristin Mitchell Foundation

• Bill Mitchell, President

• Michele L. Mitchell, M.Ed., Treasurer and Secretary

• Patty Mark, Committee Chair

• Stephanie M. Groeber, Co-founder

• Beth E. Sturman, Exec. Director of Laurel House

• Richard J. George, Ph.D.

• George Latella, MBA

• Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Ph.D.

• Bob Teti, CPA

Grants: Helping Others To Perform Our Mission

The Kristin Mitchell Foundation awards grants every year to local agencies working to educate about dating violence on college campuses. Aldersgate Youth Services Bureau and Women In Transition were the two recipients of our 2009 grants.

In 2010, we awarded grants to Aldersgate Youth Services Bureau (Philadelphia area), A Women’s Place (Philadelphia area), University of Maryland Baltimore County (Howard County, Maryland), and Stevenson University (Baltimore, Maryland).

Scholarships: A Scholarship In Kristin’s name

The Kristin M. Mitchell ‘05 Memorial Scholarship is awarded yearly. The recipient will always be a Saint Joseph’s University undergraduate student who exemplifies the extraordinary contributions Kristin made to SJU, and must have demonstrated active involvement in Service Learning activities.