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We Have To Raise Funds

We cannot take the message of our mission to those who need it without proper funding. We are open to bringing our fund-raising efforts to new venues. If you or your establishment would like to host us, please contact us and let’s do something that will be great together.

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Join Us

Join us every fall at Saint Joseph’s University for Kristin’s Krusade, our annual 5K run/walk. Fill out our registration page, then come out and do something to draw even more attention to dating violence.

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This exciting event is growing. Whether you run in our USATF-certified race or walk at your own pace, be assured you will spend the morning with people who want to help.

Kristin MitchellFundraisers are another way to help. You can do this any way you would like. Contact us and we can work with you by providing brochures about the Kristin Mitchell Foundation, and by sharing our experiences with fundraisers.

If you have unique skills you would like to share with us, contact us and let us know. We’re always looking for people we can rely on to volunteer and head up committees. It’s all about helping and we can always use your help.


The easiest, and most-effective way to help the Kristin Mitchell Foundation’s cause is to donate. You support by way of your donations enable us to sustain our programs and help in our mission of educating college students about the warning signs and potential dangers of dating violence.

Not only do we go to colleges and speak about dating violence, we also fund domestic violence agencies so they are able to perform their missions as well.

Your tax-deductible donations mean someone somewhere will have a better chance to learn about dating violence. This can save lives.